Celebrating 20 Years of Art Buddies: Seeking Student Alumni

Are you or someone you know a past Art Buddies student?

If so, please take a minute to complete our Art Buddies Alumni Form through SurveyMonkey.

In 1994, former Art Director Sue Crolick founded Creatives for Causes, a non-profit organization aimed at engaging the creative community to support local causes. From that effort, Art Buddies was born.

Twenty years later, Art Buddies is still going strong, and has inspired the lives of thousands of children and volunteers alike, through the power of one-on-one creative mentoring. And in 2015, we're aiming to continue the growth of Art Buddies by expanding to our first school in St. Paul.

To help us celebrate our 20th year, we're on a mission to reconnect with past Art Buddies students who have graduated or are approaching graduation. Many past students likely have careers and families of their own now, with inspiring stories to share about how Art Buddies inspired their lives.

Contact us to learn more and help celebrate 20 years of creativity!