Connecting Creative Mentors to Children In Need

Art Buddies is an in-school mentorship program designed to empower kids through hands-on art

  • Creative Mentors

    Mentors are creatively-inclined adults who work one-on-one with a child during a hands-on after-school art class. 
    Learn how to apply to be an Art Buddies mentor.

  • Students in the Twin Cities

    We partner with elementary schools in Minneapolis & St. Paul to host weekly after-school classes for students ages 8-11.

  • New Possibilities

    Our Art buddies help children realize the power of creativity and self-expression.
    See what a difference our program makes.

How Art Buddies Works

Our mentors and students work together to create a custom DIY custom—but more importantly, to spark imagination and build confidence.  With the help and guidance of their creative mentors, kids are able to explore their creativity and build something more ambitious than they ever thought possible.

  • Connect with your student every week for a period of 7-10 weeks

  • Create a costume using our huge collection of art supplies from fur to fake jewels

  • Celebrate your creation participate in a costume parade and professional photoshoot

The Buzz: Art Buddies in Action

“The program was fantastic for the kids! They got one-on-one attention they so desperately need, they created something they were very proud of, and were engaged in learning 100% of the time.”
— Lisa, Elementary School Teacher
“I will remember this forever and tell everyone I know about the program! The people you meet, the brainstorming that happens at such a young age is out of this world. This may sound hokey, but Art Buddies really put things in perspective for me. I couldn’t wait for Fridays!”
— Sarah, Professional Designer