In Their Own Words

At the end of each program, our kids, mentors, and school personnel complete evaluations to share feedback, thoughts and stories about their Art Buddies experience. Below are just a few examples of the many testimonials we receive.

Tricia – Muralist

"My child was Somali, and spoke no English. At first she was very shy and timid, could not look me in the eyes, but by the second week, our language barrier seemed to disappear. I watched her open up like a flower and express herself confidently and joyfully, mostly without words.

As the weeks progressed, she opened up more and more, directing the project by taking my hand and dragging me to a box of supplies, or a piece of paper that she wanted to use. There was lots of laughing. It was so great to reaffirm that language isn’t the only way to communicate!"


Ben – Photographer

"At first I was nervous, because I was told Tywon had behavior problems. But, the first day, he sat right down and got to work. I kept waiting for him to lose interest, throw a fit or kick me in the shin, but it never happened. He was totally dedicated and really loved this program!"


Gretchen – Teacher

"Kids who were having a horrible day—cussing, wrestling, goofing off—suddenly changed at the door to Art Buddies. I think it’s the one-on-one attention. They really need that."


Abdul – Student

"Now I know you can be more than a basketball player. You can be a chef, a vet, even an art guy."


Glen – Art Director

"The way different children and cultures all mix together is amazing."


Sarah – Designer

"I will remember this forever and tell everyone I know about the program! The people you meet, the brainstorming that happens at such a young age is out of this world. This may sound hokey, but Art Buddies really put things in perspective for me. I couldn’t wait for Fridays!"


Christi – Art Director

"My child wished we could do Art Buddies all day on Fridays. When I told her we’ll get to see each other next Friday, she said, “Do you KNOW how far away that is?"


Lisa – Teacher

"The program was fantastic for the kids! They got one-on-one attention they so desperately need, they created something they were very proud of, and were engaged in learning 100% of the time."


Susan – Creative Director

"Even after years of learning in the field of advertising, I’m still learning from these kids."


Nicole – Teacher

"At Art Buddies, every child is successful. For some, it’s the first time they know what success feels like. And they want more of that feeling, so they work harder in school to get it."


Emily – Parent

"This is a terrific program. Art Buddies helps kids foster relationships with adults in new ways. It allows the kids to explore creativity without the confines that adults who have known them for long periods of time might unintentionally impose.

My daughter was in Art Buddies for two seasons and has great memories of bringing Kitty Girl and Cupcake Girl to life through ideations with her Art Buddies mentors."