Art Buddy Spotlight: Dayna Goebel, Mentor

Our creative mentors are the heart of Art Buddies. And today, our hearts are heavy from the loss of one amazing mentor, Dayna Goebel (Brown).

Dayna joined Art Buddies in 2012 and mentored for four seasons. What some didn't know was that Dayna was also fighting pancreatic cancer and came to Art Buddies as a 2.5 hour escape from what she called her "Cancer Circus." She wanted to focus her energy in a positive way, to inspire a child's creative spirit, and Art Buddies was the perfect fit.

What Dayna didn't know was how many others she would inspire with her creativity and amazing outlook on life -- grateful for every moment, and living each day to the fullest.

For anyone who followed her journey and often humorous commentary on CaringBridge, they know her mantra -- SMILE TODAY -- and that she would close every entry with three things she loved about that day.

So in honor and memory of the amazing Dayna, here are three things Art Buddies loved about you:

  • Your positive energy that saw the silver lining in the darkest cloud, and helped others do the same.

  • Your idea to give Art Buddies kids a "challenge item" to further spark their imagination.

  • The gift of hope and happiness you gave to everyone who knew you.

In loving memory of Dayna, smile today!



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