Art Buddies kicks off 2015 with advances toward expansion!

Scott Mikesh, President/Executive Director

As we gear up to start recruiting mentors for spring Art Buddies in Minneapolis, we're excited to report great strides toward expanding Art Buddies to St. Paul this year. Prospective schools are now being vetted to identify the most suitable St. Paul program partner for our fall 2015 season, to be announced this spring.

Special thanks to Program Director, Stephanie Vagle, and members of our Advisory Board for researching and working with those in the St. Paul school district who helped us identify potential program partners.

While there is no shortage of children who could benefit from Art Buddies, our charitable mission is to provide an empowering arts learning and creative enrichment experience for kids who might not otherwise have the means or access to art programs.

Art Buddies activities also require sufficient space to host our large creating sessions that involve up to 80 people (up to 40 children working one-on-one with up to 40 creative adults). Long-term storage for our large collection of art supplies and creative works is also required.

Fortunately, we have identified schools that could be a great fit, and are equally excited to offer Art Buddies after school for their 3rd-5th grade students next fall!

We are truly grateful for the hundreds of individuals, businesses and organizations that support Art Buddies each year, especially the many wonderful creative volunteers who provide the magic of mentoring by sharing their time and talents with kids who need them.

Here's to another great year of empowering more underprivileged children to discover their creative potential!

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