Welcome our new Program Assistant, Kaesha Baloch

We want to extend a warm welcome to Kaesha Baloch, our new Art Buddies Program Assistant for 2017!

In addition to her background in architectural design and holistic health, she brings extensive experience in child development, and a true passion for our cause.

An advocate for creative growth

Kaesha has a deep understanding of the importance of creativity in personal and professional development. She won multiple Scholastic Art Awards for jewelry design and is a firm believer that creativity should be cultivated at an early age, and throughout life.

“My life’s mission is to help foster a space that values authentic self-expression,” Kaesha says. “There is a depth to each of us that needs support for it to surface---to break through barriers---and that’s what Art Buddies is all about.”

We're excited to have Kaesha join the Art Buddies team as we work to creatively inspire and engage children and adults alike through our one-on-one mentor programs.