Letter-Palooza 2018

Enjoy delicious food, tasty beverages, and wonderful people---while raising money for Art Buddies! There's no ticket to buy---just your willingness to mail our fundraising letter to your friends (we provide the postage and envelopes!).


EVENT DATE:  Thursday, May 17

TIME:  5:30-8:30 pm

5:30-6 Registration & social hour
6-8 Stuff letters while enjoying free food & beverages
8-8:30 Finish stuffing while eating & socializing!

Art Buddies Headquarters
(located at Carmichael Lynch)*

110 North Fifth Street, Floor 10
Minneapolis, MN 55403

We recommend parking in Ramp B or C.

* Thanks to Carmichael Lynch for donating our office space, event space, catering & postage!

Will you attend?

There's no ticket to buy -- just RSVP to letterpalooza@artbuddies.org by Friday, May 4.

How to get ready for the party

Download our Art Buddies Form Letter (DOC).

Personalize it with your name and address at the top, or use your own letterhead. If you've been an Art Buddy, add a photo with your child (or choose an image from our Galleries).

Leave space for a hand-written personal note. Those personal touches really make a difference!

Compile a list of 10 or more addresses of people you know.

This fundraiser is effective because it's personal---donors are inspired by YOUR passion for Art Buddies!

Not sure you can come up with 10 or more names? Download our Ideas to Develop Your List (PDF).

We hope you’ll come with 10, or more if you can!


What to bring to the party

  • Your printed letters

  • Mailing addresses for your contacts

  • Return address labels with your address (if you have them)

  • TIP: Bring a friend to help, and add their contacts to your list!

We'll provide the rest!

We’ll provide Art Buddies brochures, envelopes, donor forms, postage, etc. We can also print your letters and return address labels during the party if needed---just let us know.

Please email letterpalooza@artbuddies.org in advance if you expect you'll need help with printing.

THANK YOU for supporting Art Buddies!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How effective is this fundraiser?
A: We’ve held this party annually for more than ten years. Thanks to our generous sponsor and host, Carmichael Lynch, there is no direct cost to Art Buddies. Past events have raised almost 20% of our annual budget. It makes a REAL difference!
Q: Why snail mail?
A: Even in this digital age, we still receive MOST of our donations by check in the mail. We conduct online campaigns as well, but the response rate is much lower. People respond more often when they receive a personalized letter from someone they know!

Q: Why can’t my donors send their checks directly to Art Buddies?
A: Your donors will send their checks to YOU, and then you will mail your donor checks to Art Buddies. It works great that way since donors know YOU know they donated, and that helps motivate them to give. We will also notify you of those who donate online in your honor. You can then send them a personal thank you via email, or using the note cards we provide.

Questions? Email letterpalooza@artbuddies.org