Job Posting - Executive Director

We're looking for a new leader!

After five years as President & Executive Director, our beloved leader Scott Mikesh (pictured above) is moving on from Art Buddies. We’re now searching for our next Executive Director.

Are you a dynamic leader with a heart for kids and a love of creativity? Can you motivate people? Raise money? Are you a good writer? Public speaker? If so, this job will pay you $50,000-$60,000 annually, plus employee benefits.

Please review our full Job Description. Deadline to apply is January 31, 2018.

In this job, you'll wear lots of hats!

You’ll inspire hundreds at a fundraiser, then the next day you'll schlep leftover fabric scraps, pom poms, and pipe cleaners to the art supply room at an inner-city school. You’ll sit at your computer, tweak the wording on a grant proposal, then network at a happy hour with a bunch of creative professionals. You’ll run a board meeting at a cool office downtown, then head to an inner-city community center to haul boxes of glue guns from the boiler room!

And you'll be able to do most of it with some flexibility in your schedule -- you can choose to work at our downtown office or work at home.

You’ll be good at managing money. You’ll know how to create a budget and talk to a CPA about your nonprofit tax return. And you won’t be afraid to ask for donations. Your nonprofit will depend on them.

You’ll be an excellent writer. You’ll create catchy headlines for mass emails, persuasive copy for ad campaigns, and appealing fundraising letters. You’ll know how to write an online grant proposal, a fun Facebook post and a memorable tweet.

You’ll plan ahead. You’ll be good at managing lots of details, everything from entering a new phone number into our database to knowing where in the heck you filed that doc!

And how ‘bout asking for money? Most people don’t love doing it; they don’t even like doing it. But it’s a skill that’s vital to the survival of our organization. You’ll need to be excited about sharing your cause with prospects, and unafraid to ask them to give.

Most of all, you'll love our mission.

You’ll love the magic that happens between a child and their Art Buddy, and know that all your hard work can change a kid’s life.

Art Buddies is a joyful, inspiring program that helps children build confidence and dreams, and helps them discover their own power and potential. You’ll have the deep satisfaction of knowing your work truly makes a difference!

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Application deadline: January 31, 2018

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